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What is a Brand Photoshoot (and why you should do one)

As a photographer, one of the emerging areas of work I'm finding I get more and more requests for is brand photoshoots. These have become my absolute favourite, because they often entail a mix of everything - portrait, stock photography, a thorough exploration of an environment, group shots and product photography. Most of all, these shoots are an opportunity to dig deep into the personality and brand of a business, whether it be an person or a brick and mortar shop.

You might be wondering why a business (or an individual) might do a brand shoot. I mean, putting yourself in front of the camera for all to see?? Are you nuts??

Photos from a brand photoshoot can be powerful marketing tools. They can help you align your branding and image, highlight your offering and give you a whole new sense of professionalism.

Here are some reasons why you should consider doing a brand photoshoot:

At this brand shoot for a beautiful local greenhouse we focused on capturing staff at work, and the lush, beautiful plants and flowers in full bloom.

Brand Photoshoots Allow for Visual Storytelling

A brand photoshoot allows you to visually communicate your brand's story, values, and personality to your audience in a way that words can’t (because let’s be honest - it can be hard to keep peoples’ attention long enough to convey anything in writing these days). High-quality and professional images can create a strong visual identity and help establish an emotional connection with your customers before they even meet you.

Brand Photoshoots Provide Consistency in Branding

A brand photoshoot ensures that your brand imagery remains consistent across different marketing channels, including your website, social media, advertisements, and printed materials.

Brand Shoots Offer An Opportunity to Showcase Products or Services

If you have specific products or services to promote, a photoshoot provides an opportunity to present them in the best possible light. Professional photography can highlight the features, quality, and unique aspects of your offerings, making them more appealing to your potential customers. Having your own photos of products can feel way more authentic than using a manufacturers photo bank.

Brand Photography is Great for Social Media Content Creation

When you do a brand shoot you’ll end up with a pile of photos to choose from when it comes to creating social media posts and other marketing materials. If you have staff, your shoot might also include individual portraits, group shots and photos of your work space; this keeps everything polished and again, consistent. No more staff profiles with bad cell phone pics or selfies. Having a deep bank of images to draw from not only makes your social media planning easier, it prevents you from having to scramble for stock photos that have the right vibe.

Brand Shoots Give You Valuable Website Content

Images from a brand photoshoot can take your website to the next level. Ditch the phony stock photos and swap them out for your own personalized images that speak to your brand and personality. This makes your website more professional, legitimate and engaging. Brand photos can be used in website headers, banners, product galleries, or employee profiles, and provide an immersive and visually appealing experience for your customers.

Need a new website to go with your brand photos? Let’s chat!

Brand Photos Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors

A brand photoshoot allows you to showcase what sets you apart from your competitors. Show off your personality, your unique staff or even your office mascot! After all, as a business owner, people are buying you just as much as they are buying what you sell. Personal brand photos give your customers an opportunity to fall in love with you before they even walk through the door.

If you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level with a brand photoshoot, I’d love to chat. Get in touch or book a free discovery call with me.


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