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5 Tips for Getting Comfortable in front of the Camera

Getting comfortable in front of a camera can be challenging for many people, but with practice and a few helpful tips, you can learn to enjoy it! Here are my top five tips to help you get comfortable in front of a camera:

Wear something that makes you feel good

The last thing you want to be thinking about during a shoot is your jeans that are pinching or a top that makes you feel self-conscious.

Wear something you feel great in - this will do a lot for your confidence and overall sense of ease.

Be yourself

Your photographer isn't looking for you to "nail the pose" - they're looking to capture you and your personality in all its glory!

Embrace your perceived imperfections and aim to be authentic. Focus on being yourself rather than trying to be flawless or portraying some unrealistic image.

Talk to your photographer

Chat with your photographer ahead of time about what you're looking for and any concerns you have. Discuss the style, mood, and poses you're comfortable with.

Throwing around ideas and sharing visuals (hello Pinterest!) will help you feel more relaxed and know what to expect.

Positive Self Talk

Instead of fixating on potential flaws or insecurities, cultivate positive self-talk. Be your own biggest cheerleader!

Remind yourself of your unique qualities, strengths, and beauty. Embrace self-acceptance and trust in your photographer's ability to capture your best features.

Move your body

There's nothing comfortable about feeling like you're posing for a 16th-century painter.

Get loose and comfortable in your body before a shoot. Do some light stretching to release tension and shake out your shoulders. Feel where your body settles when you relax - that's where you want to be!

Ready to take the plunge? (I promise it won't be as bad as you expect!) I'd love to chat with you about your next photoshoot, or if it's your first time, how we can make it happen.

Get in touch or book a time to chat.


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